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“Everybody wants to be a star...”

...but to be one, they need a good part. We learned this on day one at Crystal Theatre. Unfortunately Broadway plays offer few starring roles. We learned this as well. Luckily for us, there were talented writers and composers among us (primarily Cheryl Kemeny, our founder) and we began writing large cast musicals which kept our clientele happy and made us successful.

Crystal Theatre Blog


Welcome to Crystal Theatre Publishing – our new and redesigned website! After our first show, in 1988, the parents asked “ do you have a videotape?”. Back then, videotaping was still a miraculous wonder. All eyes shifted to me, and we bought a camera. We videotaped everything and our archives grew.  They became a treasure trove of memories. In this age of You Tube, we employ those archives here, that’s our advantage and innovation. We recently reduced our prices to make our pla...

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