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Welcome to Crystal Theatre Publishing.

Crystal Theatre Publishing creates original plays and musicals for youth and community theatre groups.

Crystal Theatre Publishing is the publishing arm of Crystal Theatre, the highly successful children's and community theatre group located in Norwalk, CT since 1987.

Crystal Theatre has developed a unique and effective method of teaching their shows to those who have little or no training, and Crystal Theatre Publishing has packaged the musicals in a way to make these methods available to all.

In the past two years we published Ellis Island, The Snow Queen, and Mother Jones and the March of the Mill Children.

Now we are proud to announce the publication of two new musicals, Cosmic Nightingale and Trolls.

The political musical comedy, "Cosmic Nightingale", concerns 3 aliens who come to earth after hearing a 1930's radio broadcast. They are looking for a singer to take with them because they find the human voice unique in the galaxy and the show is about the reaction of humans over the world and the search for the "best" singer. This show is appropriate for middle school through high school, running time is 90 minutes, and cast size ranges from 25-50.

Trolls is an original fairy tale about a war between the Trolls and humans which comes about because humans are cutting down trees without warning the Forest Trolls who live in them. Trolls is appropriate for elementary through middle school, running time is approximately 85 minutes, and cast size ranges from 25-40.

Look for complete details, including RealAudio clips of songs, in the coming weeks.

Coming attractions include "Aesop's Fables", a musical that ties many of the fables together with a through story-line, for elementary through middle school; The Forgiving Father - a short musical based on the "The Prodigal Son", for elemenatry school with a rhyming script; and "Perseus the Dragonslayer" - another large-scale musical incorporating most of the Greek gods into the Perseus/Danae/Andromeda story, middle school to high school.

Items available for purchase separately or as part of a package:

  • Complete cast and director scripts, with licensing to make enough copies for the entire cast.
  • A complete score for the cast, along with a master score, with complete instrumentation, for the musical director, with licensing for enough copies for all.
  • A master CD of all songs performed by Crystal Theatre members and alumni, which can be copied and distributed to the cast as "learning tapes" to supplement and reinforce rehearsals.
  • A master CD of all instrumental music that can be used during performances if no live musicians are available.
  • Complete staging directions and casting suggestions.
  • A videotape of the complete show as performed by Crystal Theatre.

Sample parts of each play here on the web site:

  • RealAudio samples of selected songs from each show.
  • Script samples of selected scenes from each show.

Click here to see a current list of shows.

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